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Visual Encounters Greeting Cards
Privacy Policy Statement.

About email addresses.

We DO NOT keep any email address that is entered when you send a card. We need this information to send the card to your chosen party and to send you a copy if you have requested it. As soon as the card has been sent from our system this information is deleted. We do not keep it for any reason.

Cards sent from our system show as the sending address the person who sent the card. We do this rather than use our email address so that the card receiver knows the message is from you and looks at it. If cards are sent from a generic ‘card service’ address card receiver’s often delete cards since they do not know the sending address. Placing your email address in the sent field alerts the card receiver that the message is from someone they want to hear from.

If you sign up for our Card Notification service, or any other service offered from our website, your email address will be used only for the purpose you requested. It will not be sold or made available to any other party for any reason without your express permission.

What about the cards I send?

Every card you send has it's own private page created for it. It can only be accessed using the url address that is sent to the card receiver - and you if you request a copy. Unless you know this private address you cannot access the card. Cards are deleted after sixty (60) days and all information is purged from our systems.
When sending a Visual Encounters Greeting Card, e-mail announcements are sent automatically and immediately by a computer program based on the data the sender enters so that the "human error" possibility in email addresses is virtually eliminated, except for any typos or other errors as the sender enters the data. We always suggest you send yourself a copy of the card so as to ensure that you did type in the email address correctly. You can always forward the address to the card receiver if you made a mistake in the address you typed in.

What information do we collect?

Like all sites we have logs. These record how many visitors we receive and where they have come from, in general terms. The information includes: the IP number from the Internet company routing you to the Internet, the type of Internet browser being used (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape), the type of operating system (Windows, Unix, MacIntosh). We also log which pages on our site are most visited.
We use this information to help create a better site for you, and to create cards that seem to be most in demand. We will share this information with any possible sponsor, advertiser or other requester if we feel they have a valid reason for the data. This in no way affects your privacy since the data is general and not specific to any particular user. It's rather like a supermarket counting how many bottles of coca cola they sold.

Our Advertisers.

The Banner and other advertising on our site is produced directly from the advertisers site. In many cases we have not control over what their banners show. We do ensure that all banners as suitable for a family audience. Since this banner data is coming directly from sites outside our control these companies will be collecting general information about their banner performance. This information will include, but many not be limited to: how often a banner is shown, and how often it is clicked upon. We do not offer any other data collection services to our advertisers. However once you click upon a banner and leave our site we have no control over what data is collected.


Though we try to protect your privacy, you should be aware that any use of the world wide web (www) or of email creates the possibility that someone could access the data transmitted.

You should especially be aware that we specifically reserve the right to provide any information we might have if we think that our cards are being used in any illegal or anti-social activity or if cards are sent anonymously. If for example, cards are being used in a way that violates the terms and conditions of use, we can and will release information about the sender to any parties involved who so request it.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number.

Our postal address is:

P.O. Box 655
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
Telephone 609 936 8122
Or email.

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